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Within the local development program for Upper Egypt …

The Governor of Sohag is inspecting the coverage of the spillway in the Naga Hammadi canal in the western district, at a cost of EGP 30 million

Major General Tariq El-Fiqi, Governor of Sohag, inspected today the works of covering the flooded Naga Hammadi canal in the western Sohag district, at a cost of 30 million pounds, within the projects of the Local Development Program for Upper Egypt funded by the World Bank and the Egyptian government, accompanied by Farida Salam, head of the neighborhood.

The governor explained that the project includes covering the spillway from the Naga Hammadi canal road to Asmaa Bent Abu Bakr School, which contributes to providing an area of 49,000 square meters, indicating the governorate’s plan to utilize that area to establish the Sohag parking complex, on an area of 7,000 square meters, in addition to A commercial area and a park for the people, pointing out that the project will be completed within a year, as of this July.

The governor’s tour in the Western neighborhood included inspecting the rehabilitation works of the Martyr Tunnel area, Major General Nabil Farraj, where he inspected the neighborhood garden at the beginning of the tunnel, at a cost of 400 thousand pounds, on an area of 2000 meters, as it included the establishment of green spaces, pergolas, electricity and lighting works, rehabilitation of the garden fence, and the establishment of a restaurant And a banquet hall, a special corner for children, and a special corner for families, and it is scheduled to complete the rehabilitation work in the park within 15 days, to be a new outlet for the people of the city of Sohag, and the governor praised the development work in the park, calling for the optimal use and preservation of it.

The governor also inspected the public Sohag bank next to the park, and listened to a detailed explanation from the district chief about the plan to rehabilitate the bank, as it is scheduled to be tapped on both sides, properly rehabilitating it, and transferring the Sohag tribal position adjacent to the bank to the Sohag parking complex, after the completion of the works of covering the spillway of the Nagaa Canal. Hammadi, as part of the entire development plan for the region.

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