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Middle East provides professional engineering and project management consultation services, covering a full range of engineering services from concept design through detailed design, tendering, construction supervision, and project management, for all types of building, education, healthcare, and real-estate projects.

Middle East assists its clients in establishing their options, defining their project needs and managing project delivery.We plan and control every aspect of the project life-cycle from concept to definition, implementation and handover.





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Supervision Services

Our track record for quality has been established by providing proven performance levels time and time again across a variety of project types, 

Integrated Design Services​

We provide an integrated scope of design and consultation services

Project Management Services

Effective project management is the key to project success. The depth and the level of professional resources upon which we are able to draw provides our clients with a Client-focused, 

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Our First event In Sohag, That lights you the way of Engineering.

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Quality Control Lab Test

  • Modified Proctor Test
  • Sand Cone
  • Crushed brick and ballistic concrete cracking test
  • Physics test for sand and gravel samples
  • Cement brick test
  • Schmidt hammer test
  • Cracking test of concrete cube by processing in the laboratory
  • Test the ratio of sand and grit mixing to the sample for substitution


Abraj Al Nasr, Building D1 – unit 3, Al Ebrahimea Street, Assuit


12 Hashem AbouHegy Street, Assuit Sohag Road


Abdel Moneim Riad St, Fourth Square, 6 October, Cairo

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Dr. Hesham Mohamed Ahmed Diab


ENG. Khaled Abd el-gaber Abd el-rahim


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Dr. Gamal Koreshy

Merit Uni.

All thanks and appreciation for the good effort for development and convergence of ideas and the creative level in implementing these ideas and for the excellent service, excellent support, wishing them continued progress and advancement.

Dr. Hany Fathy

Life capital park company

Honestly, everything is excellent with you, and I hope all companies will be like you in providing service, quality, and, God willing, all employees are excellent.

Eng. Ayman Abo El-Ela


5-In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. I would like to show you that I am very happy that the office did not choose him from competent employees who are keen on the name of the office. 

Our News
التنمية المحلية لصعيد مصر – سوهاج ضمن برنامج التنمية المحلية لصعيد مصر … محافظ سوهاج يتفقد أعمال تغطية مفيض ترعة نجع حمادي بنطاق حي غرب بتكلفة 30 مليون جنيه تفقد …
جمعية مستثمري مدينة سوهاج الجديدةالمشهرة برقم (1606) يَسُر مكتب الشرق الأوسط للاستشارات الهندسية الإعلان عن بدء نشاط جمعية مستثمري مدينة سوهاج الجديدة ويعلن مجلس إدارة جمعية مستثمري مدينة سوهاج الجديدة …
إختبارات جسر الكورنيش الغربى – مدينة سوهاج اختبارات التحميل على جسم كوبري الكورنيش الغربي -الأحمال بعربات نقل محملة حديد تسليح بوزن ٨٤ طن- يتم التحميل في الأماكن الحرجة لعناصر الكوبرى …

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